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Rees Campbell

“The” Feisty Tasmanian

Rees Campbell was born and lives in beautiful Tasmania which has imbued her with a sense of wonder and passion for the natural world, conservation and environmentalism. With her husband Col and Darci – the poodle, they have developed “Murnong Wild Food Garden” at Wynyard, where they grow and showcase over 120 species of native edible plants alongside the usual productive fruit and vegetable plants. Author of the sell-out Eat Wild Tasmanian and its new expanded edition Eat MORE Wild Tasmanian  described as “an expertly collated palate of game-changing flavours”… Rees seeks always to share the knowledge and joy of our wonderful botanical gifts. As the Feisty Tasmanian, Rees also makes a wide range of preserves and baked goods from the home grown harvest as part of normalising eating Tasmanian native plants integral to our mixed horticultural and culinary heritage.

Rees will be speaking at Conversations in the City, in the “Plate” stream – Alternative Foods.