The Roots of


agriCULTURED is where Tasmania's rich agricultural heritage meets the beat of innovation.

We are a gathering of mavericks and traditionalists, industry professionals, academics and passionate foodies, hobbyists, artists and musicians, each one disrupting the status quo while honouring the land and those who tend to it. We’re cultivating opportunities and shaping the future of Australia’s agri-food sector.
From soil wisdom exchanges at our Community Days to spotlighting sustainability, creativity, and food innovation, agriCULTURED is a celebration of knowing where our food comes from. It’s a testament to the spirit of cooperation, the pursuit of quality, and a shared passion for building a resilient future.

Welcome to agriCULTURED – Tasmania’s freshest cool season event and your portal to the vibrant pulse of the agri-food sector.

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Our Grounded Goals

The agriCULTURED Mission


Our mission is to disrupt the status quo and instigate thought-provoking dialogue around the agri-food sector. We aim to highlight issues, offer new perspectives, and encourage a shift from passive consumption to active engagement. It’s about inspiring a deeper appreciation for the journey of food, fostering a community that is curious, questioning, and fully aware of its food choices.


agriCULTURED is a vibrant platform that strengthens the bonds between producers, innovators, and consumers. We’re bridging gaps, building relationships, and fostering a sense of community in Tasmania’s agri-food sector. We’re creating opportunities for producers to share their passion, expertise, and the challenges they face, building empathy, understanding, and mutual respect.


In an increasingly globalised world, we aim to champion the local. By shortening the supply chain, we’re promoting fresher, healthier, and more sustainable food choices. Our mission extends beyond mere consumption – it’s about understanding, appreciating, and supporting the journey of food, from farm to table.


At agriCULTURED, we celebrate the relentless spirit of Tasmania’s agri-food sector. We are devoted to fostering growth, not just in crops, but in knowledge, relationships, and resilience. This journey is a tribute to the passion that fuels our farmers, the innovation that propels our sector, and the shared love for wholesome, delicious food. Through agriCULTURED, we’re growing together, celebrating together, and shaping the future together.

Rooted in Resilience

The Values of agriCULTURED

The agri-food industry is a vibrant tapestry of stories, triumphs, and lessons learned. It’s these narratives that give agriCULTURED its richness, shaping our international reputation, and weaving the unique Tasmanian experience we present to the world. Our mission is to unearth hidden tales, amplify known narratives, and spark fresh chapters.

Honouring Suntainability

We’re committed to embracing the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, upholding the principles of a circular economy. We celebrate resilience, respect nature’s cycles, and strive for balance in all we do.

Celebrating Arts and Culture

We believe in the power of creativity and its role in driving innovation. The arts inspire us, uplift our spirits, and connect us culturally. We embrace this energy, weaving it into the fabric of agriCULTURED.

Promoting Dialogue and Inquiry

We value discourse and respect everyone’s right to an opinion. We also champion scientific inquiry to inform evidence-based decisions. We invite participants to bring their challenges, ideas, and perspectives, but we ask that they also bring open hearts and minds.

Catalysing Disruptive Innovation

We recognize that positive change needs a spark. agriCULTURED is that spark, a catalyst for disruptive ideas that can redefine our agri-food sector. We champion thought leadership and embrace groundbreaking perspectives.

Championing Diversity and Respect

We celebrate diversity and honour the right of every individual to express their uniqueness. Our event is a melting pot of perspectives, drawing strength from variety to tackle the world’s complex challenges.

Looking Ahead

Our focus is future-oriented. Themes such as sustainability, circular economy, climate change, resilience, branding, training, and technology are intertwined in our events, fostering thought leadership across the industry.

Leaving a Legacy

We’re in it for the long haul. Each year, we choose one or several meaningful themes to support, weaving a thread of positive change through our events, creating a legacy that extends beyond the event itself.

Being Tasmanian

Networking, cooperation, and collaboration are in our DNA. We believe in the philosophy of co-opetition – succeeding together by working together. This forms the heart of agriCULTURED’s ethos.

Fostering a Culture of Sharing

Participation is key at agriCULTURED. We invite you to share your knowledge, ideas, and insights. In return, you’ll gain a wealth of information that can transform your challenges into opportunities. This spirit of sharing is deeply rooted in our philosophy.

Maximum Good Times

At agriCULTURED, we don’t just talk about a sustainable future; we work towards it in every way we can. Our events and activities are designed with the philosophy of regenerative tourism in mind, striving to enrich the environment more than we draw from it. This year, our goal is bold and clear: we’re aiming for zero waste.

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Zero Waste