Zero Waste Events Tasmania

agriCULTURED is committed to minimising impact on the environment through its events and activities. The event will be underpinned by the principles of regenerative tourism and leave more than it takes from the environment. agriCULTURED 2022 aims to be a zero-waste event.

The Zero Waste Events Tasmania (ZWET) Program is a multifaceted project aimed at facilitating change in the waste behaviours of event organisers and their patronage. This year agriCULTURED has been welcomed into the ZWET program and are taking steps to implement best practice waste management strategies. The ZWET project is managed by Visit Northern Tasmania, supported by the Tasmanian Government through Events Tasmania and delivered by a team of key partners.

The ZWET program is an opportunity for agriCULTURED to increase our commitment to sustainability and focus on waste reduction, resource recovery, energy use and education. As the public’s expectation increases for lower carbon emissions and less environmental impacts, zero waste events provide a better experience for patrons and demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.

Therefore agriCULTURED has committed to various long-term waste targets that will see an improvement in waste management, education and reporting over time. Our long-term festival targets include:

  • Run a festival that creates minimal waste
  • Streamlined waste reporting and sharing
  • Eliminate single-use plastics from all festival sites
  • Zero organic waste in landfill
  • Zero contamination in recycling and FOGO waste streams

In order to achieve our goals of running a festival that effectively manages waste and creates minimal waste we have implemented the following initiatives for agriCULTURED 2022:

  • Electronic ticketing, programming and promotion
  • Reusable and recyclable signage and marketing materials
  • Reusable name tags & lanyards, produced with eco-friendly and sustainable materials
  • Water stations onsite for event attendees to fill their reusable drink bottles
  • A strong ‘waste team’ focused on waste education, management and monitoring
  • The introduction of FOGO bins and a shift towards biodegradable packaging
  • Strong waste stream auditing, monitoring and reporting