Maximum Good Times

Zero Waste

At agriCULTURED, we don't just talk about a sustainable future; we work towards it in every way we can. Our events and activities are designed with the philosophy of regenerative tourism in mind, striving to enrich the environment more than we draw from it. This year, our goal is bold and clear: we're aiming for zero waste.

In 2022 agriCULTURED set out on a zero waste journey, participating in the ZWET (Zero Waste Events Tasmania) program. We sought to understand the Festival’s impact on the environment and put in place a plan for the future. By engaging with zero waste strategies agriCULTURED is working towards best practice waste management. 

Since 2022, we’ve focused on minimising the overall amount of waste generated across all festival events by embracing digital ticketing, programming and promotion.  We’ve created reusable lanyards, marketing materials and signage which will be used for years to come and we’ve achieved our goal of obtaining accurate baseline waste data to serve as a comparison. We’ve taken steps towards diverting waste from landfill year on year. 

2024 Plans

This year our festival focus is on:

  • Diverting 80% of all waste generated across all festival events from landfill
  • Composting 95% of all food waste generated across all festival events
  • Continuing to improve waste minimisation across all festival events
  • Ongoing engagement and education with our patrons and community

To make this zero waste vision a reality, we’ve set long-term waste management targets, which include:

Orchestrating  a festival with minimal waste production

Streamlined reporting and sharing of waste data

Eliminating single-use plastics across all festival sites

Aiming for zero organic waste ending up in landfill

Striving for zero contamination in recycling and FOGO waste streams

How are we meeting these targets for agriCULTURED 2024? We’ve initiated the following strategies:

We’ve gone digital with ticketing, programming, and promotion

We’re using reusable and recyclable materials for signage and marketing

Name tags & lanyards are reusable and made with eco-friendly materials

We’re placing water stations on site for refilling reusable drink bottles

We have a dedicated ‘waste team’ to handle waste education, management, and monitoring

We’re introducing FOGO bins and shifting to biodegradable packaging

We’re committed to meticulous waste stream auditing, monitoring, and reporting

Join us in this journey of sustainability, let's cultivate a greener future together at agriCULTURED 2024!